Clarice Debiagi / Mother of International College

'Last year, out of curiosity, we visited International College. We left the school feeling that the once distant dream was not so impossible, and we decided to have a one-year experience.

We are relatively close to our native town; we can go and come back easily, providing continuity to our jobs whilst trying to develop them here as well. Let’s see!

How do we live today? As if in every week we had a holiday; we can enjoy the beach and good restaurants, in the dynamic of a small city, safely and with time in our favor. We have the advantage of a small city and the sophistication of a cosmopolitan place.

Our son, besides adding two more languages to his life, is sharing experiences with children from different cultures in an innovative and affectionate atmosphere. This is the role of International College.
It offers an environment that embraces not only the student but their families too.

Little by little we see a new community being born, not only formed by our Uruguayan hosts but by people from all around the world. What do they have in common? They all look for a better life, quieter and happier.'