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Academics rooted in technology


Students of a digitally native generation are provided with the methods and knowledge needed to comprehend and integrate the various areas of learning, as well as the key skills to interpret an uncertain digital world that is in constant evolution.


To achieve these goals, IC relies on the latest technological infrastructure, capable of supporting its academic, pedagogical, and administrative activities. With these resources, IC is able to provide a personalized education which meets the needs of each student, allowing them to interconnect the knowledge they acquire with the world around them, focusing on problem solving in real scenarios.


The use of digital platforms and online programmes facilitate differentiated teaching and learning strategies. The technological resources at IC are permanently available, especially in the classrooms where each one is equipped with a Smartboard, a projector, modern workstations, development softwares and their respective practical kits. A complete IT lab is available for all Primary and Secondary students under the guidance of a facilitator, in addition to the devices each student brings.