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Teachers at IC specialize in working with the students’ natural curiosity and creativity, fostering responsibility and organization from a young age.


The School offers a comprehensive curriculum in which the physical, emotional and social aspects, as well as the ethical and aesthetic, are developed in a holistic way. The curriculum sets the foundations for inquiry and understanding to take place, strengthens self-esteem, and improves language skills both in Spanish and English. Students are immersed in Jolly Phonics, a fun child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics and multisensory activities.


In Psychomotricity and Body Expression classes we work to promote early emotional and intellectual development. The objective is to encourage progress in motor skills and language, to support the harmonious growth of the student’s personality. Physical Education (PE) begins at age three with an Early Education Project (PET). By the age of five, children are introduced to sports in disciplines such as Hockey, Football and Rugby, among others.


Subjects such as Green Skills foster environmental awareness and contact with nature, whilst Chess and Robotics favour strategic thinking and coding.


Kinder Staff


Head of Kinder 

Meghan was born in Connecticut, USA and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Early Childhood Education and continued her studies with a Postgraduate degree in Education with a focus on developing scientific skills in the Early Years, from Leicester University in the UK. She also attended Harvard University´s Project Zero Classroom course in Boston, as well as, Making Thinking Visible and Differentiation online courses, amongst others. Meghan worked at two British International schools in Brazil before starting at International College.


Meghan loves to travel and during one of her trips she met her Uruguayan husband, Gastón, while on vacation in New York. They lived together in Sao Paulo and after a couple of years decided to come live to Uruguay, where together with another partner opened a restaurant, Cuatro Mares. They have been gifted with Diego who is 3 years old and also loves to cook with his dad. 


Meghan also loves playing volleyball, listening to music and watching films. During the weekends, she enjoys spending time together with Diego and Gáston, having fun playing at the different parks such as Jagüel and Plaza Mexico, eating feijoada or discovering new delicious local restaurants. During the summer, Punta del Este becomes a popular meeting point for their family members from around the world.



pgonzalezPatricia González
Directora de Kinder y Primary 

Patricia joined IC in 2020. She received her teaching qualifications from the Teacher Training Institute in Montevideo. A professional with 23 years of experience in a variety of settings, Patricia has worked as an educator in Montevideo, Rocha and Maldonado. 

She has traveled around the country, serving primary and secondary state sector schools. International College is the third private institution she has worked at. Her practice and professional development have been underpinned by extensive training, particularly related to the socioemotional and academic development of young people.

This lifelong journey through education has allowed her to discover and experience first-hand the needs of countless individuals. Having witnessed some of the toughest and most challenging personal circumstances, Patricia has seen that people’s fundamental need is to feel accepted, respected and loved by a community.

In her spare time, Patricia grows plants to give as gifts. Sometimes to give to her loved ones, and other times to leave outside for lucky passers-by to happen upon. She enjoys pondering what fate these little plants met. Patricia also loves hiking through lesser-travelled places and loves nothing more than driving along listening to new music.


lrodriguezLucía Rodríguez
Coordinadora de Kinder

Lucía Rodríguez was born in Maldonado, Uruguay. While attending University she also began working with young children. She graduated from “Universidad Católica del Uruguay” with a degree in ‘Early Childhood Education’, and has been teaching for more than 10 years.

She completed a Postgraduate degree in ‘Educational Centers Management’ at the same university. Her previous experience as Kinder Coordinator, which benefited her learning.

Lucia has been in a relationship for 14 years with Leandro, who is a tennis instructor. They moved to Maldonado 6 years ago and have two dogs, Rona and Mora, who were adopted from a very young age. 

Lucía enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends. She likes to bake and share her delicacies with them. She also likes to watch movies and series.