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primaryIC offers the Cambridge Primary Programme integrated with the Uruguayan national curriculum, a programme the School complies with.

IC provides Robotics and Information Technology (IT) classes. Chess, are additional subjects that are offered to enhance students’ skills and abilities, as well as to diversify the options available.

From Early Years to Primary 6, students are encouraged to incorporate life skills, critical thinking and reflection. This takes place through a plan of action which is carefully crafted by class teachers in coordination with teachers from the different learning areas. To accomplish this, the School encourages the use of multidisciplinary projects where the interrelation of subjects allows students to make connections to the knowledge acquired.
Primary Staff


Caroline AylinigCaroline Ayling
Head of Primary

Caroline has always had a great passion for education. She has a Bachelor degree in Educational Sciences from the Catholic University of Argentina. She loves to read and put into practice what she continues to research on the area of ​​Neurosciences. 


Caroline enjoys to be with students, discovering their interests and helping them increase their autonomy; and planning together with teachers to develop their leadership and teaching-learning skills.


In her free time, she is always reading a book about education or history. She loves watching movies and even knows by heart the dialogues of her favourites!


Walking down the beach is a real pleasure for Caroline, as she has fond memories and precious moments from living for three years on these shores as a teenager.



Paula gomezPaula Gomez
Directora de Inicial y Primaria

Paula Gómez Guadagna has been a part of IC since it opened in 2017. She is a Primary Education Teacher, graduated in Uruguay at the Instituto de Formación Docente de Maldonado.

She has been a teacher in Early Years and Primary. In 2022 she will take on the role of Directora de Inicial y Primaria. Paula is currently studying a Master's Degree in "Leadership and Educational Management" at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay.

The areas in which Paula continues to investigate are: teacher training, student support and curriculum development.
Paula is a teacher who is constantly looking for professional challenges.

In her free time she enjoys going to the beach and playing board games with friends and family.

RivannaRivanna Costoya
Coordinadora de Español de Primaria

Rivanna is an Early Years and Primary educator, specialising in Spanish. She gained her teaching qualifications from Maldonado's Teacher Training Institute. She has a great love for education, likes to work in teams and enjoys being part of the personal and academic growth of her students.
An ever-present since International College first opened its doors in 2017, Rivanna is one of the school's founding teachers. In 2021 she took over as Coordinator of Spanish in Primary, a great challenge that will no doubt prove extremely rewarding and serve to accelerate her growth as an education professional.

Beyond school, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pets. She loves to travel and explore new places, and feels at home when surrounded by nature. Music and photography are among the hobbies she most enjoys.