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Community Engagement

TECHOResearch shows numerous benefits to children, their parents and their school when parents volunteer and engage with the school. 

It increases adult-child communication, increases students' overall academic success and creates a positive, cooperative, and inclusive atmosphere. Volunteering plays such a vital role in enriching your child’s educational experience here at the International College.

In keeping with our commitment to a holistic education and our outward-looking approach, we seek to engage in a wide range of activities within our local community which we hope will be of significant benefit to all those involved.

Our students engage with students from a wide range of other schools through activities, which in recent years have, for instance, included a Model United Nations Conference, and numerous local community projects and campaigns such as the Winter Drive which collects clothes for children and families in the wider community here in Punta del Este. 

We also run CAS as part of the IB Diploma programme and have within the school a ICare committee that is responsible for the IC Social Responsibility Programme which aims to encourage generosity, empathy and a sense of cooperative spirit within our school community

The School has a reputation within the community for the quality of its student programmes and receives regular invitations to participate in external events.

The International College has from its earliest days been an outward-looking school, where an active involvement in the local community and in more distant communities overseas has been a constant and defining aspect of the School’s young history.