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International Day

international day

International Day is an event organized by IC parents, aided by students and staff. Its objective is to create an instance where there is a cultural exchange between the different nationalities of the IC Community, through the sharing of general information, gastronomy, music, arts, performances, and other activities. Each year, more nationalities are being added, thereby creating an even greater interaction of cultures.


International Day is a community wide event where everyone plays an important role. The Parents Committee are the ambassadors of this activity and are responsible for the country(ies) their year group represents. Ambassadors invite fellow parents of the allocated nations to be a part of the creation of the stand and contribute with ideas, national dishes, crafts, etc. Kinder students are in charge of making the official flags. Primary students put together the stands for the country that corresponds to their capital. For example, P4 Paris puts together the France stand. Secondary students are in charge of the remaining nation states, assigned to classes by process of a draw.