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Take part in IC R.E.A.D.!

As part of book month, we kindly invite our community to share with their reading preferences by making a short video on a book they like. The goal is to promote reading and highlight the importance of this habit in all its different forms.

Please find in the following link further information on how to participate in this activity:

Who can participate?

IC students, families and staff.

How to participate:

Please send a short video with your book review to
We will be sharing some of these videos on our website and then on social media.

Length of the video: 3 mins max.

Language: English or Spanish.

Deadline: Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday 26 May.

How to submit the review:

The review can be presented through the means of a short video in which the participant reviews the book, like a ‘booktuber’ does. If the presenter does not want to appear on screen they can record themselves speaking and accompany their audio with images. Another option is for the participant to base his/her review on certain favourite elements of the book or even take on the role of the main character to narrate the events of the book.

How to make a review:

A review involves extracting the substance of a book to share the most important aspects of the narrative and complementing this with the narrator's own impressions and comments. 

In the first place, the reviewer should mention some of the book’s main information, such as author, title, publisher, year of publication and literary genre.

Then, an overview of the book, including its structure (if it is divided into chapters, for example), and a brief summary of the plot (without spoiling the end) should be provided.

The conclusion should include personal comments and why the reviewer recommends the book.


Enjoy the videos made by students
Sasha Brodesky
P4 Buenos Aires / Book: 'El Lobo Sentimental' / Author: Geoffroy de Pennart
Nicole Demicheri
P6 Madrid / Book: 'Un Desastre de Cumpleaños' / Author: Martina D'Antiochia

Nathalie Fierro

P6 Madrid / Book: 'Pateando Lunas' / Author: Roy Berocay


Mía Martincic
P6 Madrid / Book: 'El Diario de Nikki' / Author: Rachel Renée Rusell
Marcos Balart
P6 Madrid / Book: 'Amuleto' / Author: Kazu Kibuishi
Delfina Popowsky
P6 Madrid / Book: 'El Camino de Sherlock' / Author: Andrea Ferrari
Diógenes Ferrario
P6 Madrid / Book: 'Mr Fox' / Author: Roald Dahi
Guillermo López
P2 Roma / Book: 'El León Desvalido' / Author: Luz Medina
Juan Andrés Noble
P3 Montevideo / Book: 'Gaturro Super Héroe' / Author: Nik 
Juana Elías
P2 Rome / Book: Winnie & Wilbur 'La Bruja Winnie' / Author: Korky Paul & Valérie Thomas
Emma Montivero
S1 B / Book: 'El Hijo de Neptuno' / Author: Rick Riordan 
Juan Ignacio Gianola
S1 A / Book: 'El Inventor de Juegos' / Author: Pablo Di Santis

Mashenka Epis
S1 A / Book: 'Matilda' / Author: Roald Dahl

Renata Gabellieri
S2 / Book: 'Los Gatos Guerreros' / Author: Erin Hunter 

Toia Pejacsevich
S2 A / Book: 'Charly y la Fábrica de Chocolate' / Author: Roald Dahl 

Avril Ramos
S2 A / Book: 'El Principito' / Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Julieta Reyes
S2 B / Book: 'Alas en los Pies' / Author: Federico Ivanier

Chloé Fagundes
S1 B / Book: 'The Hunger Games' / Author: Suzanne Collins 
Julia Golubcik
P6 Madrid / Book: 'Terra de Histórias. O Feitiço do Desejo' / Author: Chis Colfer
Diógenes Ferrario
P6 Madrid / Book: 'Kensuke's Kingdom' / Author: Michael Morpurgo
Mia Martincic
P6 Madrid / Book: 'Gangsta Granny' / Author: David Walliams
Beatrice Fantoni
P6 Dublin / Book: 'The Diary of a Wimpy Kid' / Author: Jeff Kinney