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Senior Leadership Team

CliveClive Rogers

Clive has spent over 40 years in a diverse range of educational and leadership roles throughout the globe. Working with the Sports Council in the UK, managing 27 schools as part of the UK governments raising standards in school sport, to a Founding Principal of many prestigious international schools in Asia and an advisor to start up international schools across the world.

His hobbies include sports, arts and travel particularly in major culturally diverse countries such as India, Australia, Asia, the Caribbean and many more. A former sportsman, he has remained involved in professional football in England, and enjoys all being engaged in all sports.

Clive is married to Nadine, an experienced IB Art practitioner and renowned artist from the island of Mauritius and their teenage son Alexander.


MartinMartín Arévalo
Director de Secundaria

Martín Arévalo is an effective teacher in Secondary Education, with more than a decade of experience in the public and private education sector. He graduated from the Centro Regional de Profesores del Litoral in Salto (Uruguay).

He has worked as an educational manager at the Liceo de Punta del Este, being part of the management team. Martín has completed his formation in Digital Competences for the Managerial Role and currently, he is studying for a Higher Diploma in Educational Management (FLACSO, Buenos Aires).

Meaningful learning and comprehensive education, a holistic perspective of the student and the implementation of cutting-edge teaching methodologies are the core pillars that guide his role as a Director. His career and professional training have enhanced his leadership skills, turning him into a competent, methodical, communicative and motivating educational manager.

In 2022, Martin will take on the challenge of being Director de Secundaria at International College.



Caroline AylinigCaroline Ayling
Head of Primary

Caroline has always had a great passion for education. She has a Bachelor degree in Educational Sciences from the Catholic University of Argentina. She loves to read and put into practice what she continues to research on the area of ​​Neurosciences. 


Caroline enjoys to be with students, discovering their interests and helping them increase their autonomy; and planning together with teachers to develop their leadership and teaching-learning skills.


In her free time, she is always reading a book about education or history. She loves watching movies and even knows by heart the dialogues of her favourites!


Walking down the beach is a real pleasure for Caroline, as she has fond memories and precious moments from living for three years on these shores as a teenager.



Andres ENAndrés Taranto

Head of Physical Education


From a young age, Andres has been involved in physical activity, playing multiple sports in different clubs in his hometown, Florida, Uruguay. When he began his high school studies he discovered his interest in education and sports, finding his calling in Physical Education.

At the age of 18, he left for Maldonado in search of his future, where he began his studies as a Bachelor in Physical Education. At the age of 22, he graduated and began to practice his profession.

Since the opening of International College, Andrés has been the Physical Education and Sports Coordinator, as well as the Primary and Secondary Rugby coach. This year, with great enthusiasm, he assumed the position of Head of Physical Education. 

Andrés believes that the practice of sport is fundamental as an educational tool, respecting diversity, promoting integration and helping to consolidate sport as a source of wellbeing and healthy habits. It increases respect and perseverance and creates reflective and self-confident beings.

Passionate about Rugby, he is continuously training. Today, he is a World Rugby Educator, which enables him to give courses to students, players and coaches of this sport. He was also, for 11 years, a teacher at UDELAR (‘Universidad de la República’), teaching Rugby to students of the ‘Instituto Superior de Educación Física’. This year, he is dedicating 100% of his time to IC. 

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, made up of his wife María Emilia, two children, Isabella and Lorenzo, as well as his two dogs, ‘Simón’ and ‘Chula’. His priority is to enjoy every minute with them. When he is at home, he has a passion for being informed about current news and sports worldwide, watching different newscasts, and reading newspapers and digital programmes.

He loves drinking mate and  sharing great barbecues with his family and friends, usually being the grill master.