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student welgareAt International College, we understand that pastoral wellbeing is the most important aspect of a pupil’s development. We recognise that for our pupils to thrive they need to feel safe, fulfilled and above all happy. Therefore, pastoral care at International College underpins every aspect of school life ensuring that each pupil, at each stage of school life, has the confidence to contribute and succeed.
The International College fosters the well being of our pupils through a patient, positive and proactive pastoral care system. Pastoral care is led by skilled and experienced teachers but involves every member of the school community in shaping and developing our pupils. Within our carefully structured system, the safety and wellbeing of the pupils is the responsibility of teachers, senior leaders, medical staff, counsellors, year heads, teaching assistants and support and administration staff.
International College has developed a balanced unique educational system of diversity our unique pastoral care programme following the PSHE curriculum that centres on the wellbeing of every pupil. We believe in building a positive and dynamic environment where pupils can flourish, with the core values as the common goal at the heart of all our daily endeavours.
student welfareWe prepare our pupils for the 21st Century who are taught tactics to handle stress, be resilient and prepare for examinations. Pupils are supported within the Student Services department along with career guidance, and mentoring opportunities and daily through the school tutors. The principal duties of a School tutors are to see each student in her/his form group, both formally and informally, to develop a relationship of trust and confidence, and to be closely and continuously aware of individual tutee’s problems while providing practical and moral support.
The International College tutorial system has many purposes; we try to foster our students’ personal and social growth, so that they develop a sense of individual responsibility and an awareness of health-related issues. We also supervise their academic progress and encourage them to develop sound habits of work and study.
Parents are encouraged to speak to any member of the pastoral team about any matters of concern, however small, regarding the health and welfare of their child. It is through a nurturing environment that we enable students to thrive both academically and emotionally.